Do something great this Sunday.

It’s Friday! Close your eyes and get those wheels turning about your glorious weekend plans. Skip to Sunday. Will you be lounging on your comfy sofa watching your favorite football team? Perfect. After you update your Facebook status or tweet about that awesome play you just witnessed, search the hashtag #2030Now. Retweet something you see […]


Let’s have more love affairs.

I miss New York City. I miss our well-worn apartment, its ramshackle window AC units and impossible-to-regulate radiator heaters. I miss its tiny kitchen, even tinier bathrooms, haggard floors, barred windows and all. I miss our Mahmoud, who runs the Middle-Eastern food cart on our street corner. Once, at bedtime, Cam and I were discussing […]

Finding balance

I’m still here. I promise.   I’ve been in a moving funk. In fact, I realized as I started writing that I wrote a very similar post right around this length of time after my move to New York. Restarting life with two toddlers is just plain stressful.   But a few days ago, I […]

South Africa

~Note~ I remember my sister Molly writing in her first post about Africa that she had no idea where to begin or how to fully capture her experiences there. It’s so true. Africa is this majestic, dreamlike place that deserves more than words and pictures. Those expressions just can’t capture its richness, beauty and depth. […]

Exciting adventures on the horizon

In June, we’ll be moving to Seattle for three months for Mike’s summer internship! A balmy, albeit rainy, little change of pace during the scorching summer heat of NYC. I have to admit that, on first thought, we were disappointed with the location. This city has captured our hearts! We felt like navigating the rough […]

Why I marched

On Martin Luther King Day, I joined the One Million Moms 4 Gun Control Movement and marched in support of legislation for gun control. The shooting at Sandy Hook shook me to my core. That day and the weeks following, I, along with every other mom in this country, put myself in the position of […]

Originally posted on Love, laugh, be light:
Like so many others, I remain haunted and devastated by the recent shooting in Newtown. Since Friday, I have fallen asleep and woken up with an incessant yearning to understand how something so evil and senseless could cross the paths of so many innocent and loved women and…

Questions for you in the wake of Sandy Hook

I’ve been searching for words to describe the tornado of emotions–the ache, fear, anger, sadness, confusion–flooding my heart in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, but I’ve come to the conclusion that words can’t articulate the depth of those feelings. Feelings that cannot even reach the depth that the families and community members of […]

25 Days of Christmas, Days 1 through 5

Well, I have so much to tell you, but I’ll start with 5 days worth of my 25 days of Christmas updates. If you didn’t read my last post, I got the 25 days of Christmas idea from a fellow blogger, Courtney, on her blog, Baby Boogies. In short, I’m trying to do something engaging […]

My Run-in with Hankie the Christmas Poo

A few days ago, I was in the process of changing Kate’s diaper when I looked down to see her poo peering at me. It was a rather startling site. But let me backtrack for you. 25 days of Christmas. A fellow momma and blogger, Courtney, from the Young and Fun Stay-at-Home Moms Meetup group […]