Do something great this Sunday.

It’s Friday!

Close your eyes and get those wheels turning about your glorious weekend plans.

Skip to Sunday. Will you be lounging on your comfy sofa watching your favorite football team? Perfect.

After you update your Facebook status or tweet about that awesome play you just witnessed, search the hashtag #2030Now. Retweet something you see that inspires you, or share your own big idea to change our world.

No matter where you are, what you’re doing, you’ll have the power to make a positive mark on our planet, our home.

Starting at 12:00pm EST, your peers all over the globe will be plugging into the Social Good Summit to view a live stream of some of the world’s most influential innovators and thought leaders discussing the power of technology and social media in solving global issues. You can plug in, too. Just click here. Maybe you’ll hear something that really resonates with you. Tweet it, Facebook it, do your part. We’re Millennials. Technology is our thing. Let’s make a difference together through something as simple as a click or tap. Let’s contribute to a global conversation about solving our world’s problems. Will you join me? Can’t wait to converse with you!

Want more info? See my brief article about last year’s Summit, published in Collinson Media’s Rejuvenate Magazine, here.

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