As Christmas and family time fill and comfort our hearts in the coming week, my incessant thoughts of the those babies’ families make it hard to fully embrace the joy of the season. I resonated with and found comfort in this post by my friend, Jenna, and wanted to share her poetic words with you.


Love, laugh, be light

Like so many others, I remain haunted and devastated by the recent shooting in Newtown. Since Friday, I have fallen asleep and woken up with an incessant yearning to understand how something so evil and senseless could cross the paths of so many innocent and loved women and children. I am brokenhearted for the families and pray they can somehow, someday, reconcile with the tragic event and profound loss they have been forced to endure. What more can I say, as everything sounds trite in the face of such tragedy. I found the following quote from Thich Nhat Hanh to share and hope it comforts others as much as it comforts me:


“This body is not me. I am not limited by this body. I am life without boundaries. I have never been born, and I have never died. Look at the ocean and the sky filled with stars, manifestations from my…

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