My Run-in with Hankie the Christmas Poo

A few days ago, I was in the process of changing Kate’s diaper when I looked down to see her poo peering at me.


It was a rather startling site. But let me backtrack for you.

25 days of Christmas. A fellow momma and blogger, Courtney, from the Young and Fun Stay-at-Home Moms Meetup group in Overland Park gave me the idea for a fun, engaging Christmas tradition last year in her adorable blog, Baby Boogies. It’s a tradition in which we do something holiday-related each day until Christmas, starting the first day in December. Although I don’t think I’ll be able to pull it off as seamlessly and craftily as she did, I’ll be doing it NYC style and it will be a fun way to both awaken my creativity on snowy cold days and get us out and about in the city during such a magical time of year.

There so so so many holiday activities going on daily in NYC right now, and I know I’ll regret it if I don’t take advantage of them during our time here. In fact, my friend RaeAnne, texted me some words of wisdom a few days ago as she tackled the cold weather on the subway train, looking at the graffiti adorning its walls. No great story starts…it was cold so I stayed in. And, you didn’t move to NYC to stay home. And my personal favorite–because I do believe my daughter already lives by this mantra–You can sleep when you’re dead. As much as I complain about the time it takes to bundle the kids up and trek outside to shiver in the gray chiliness of the city, rarely do I regret the actual being outside when we’ve made it there.

Unfortunately, a few days ago was one of those snowy/rainy cold days that really didn’t allow us to step outside. Although it wasn’t yet December, I figured Thanksgiving had passed and the kids and I both could use something engaging and tactile to get us through the day. I had browsed toddler Christmas crafts (more awesome ones here, too) a few days previously to begin my December activity bank and had already made a trip to Michael’s to stalk up on the goods. A craft-stick reindeer ornament seemed like a perfect and simple activity for the day.

Apparently, I over estimated Cam’s fine motor skills, because I ended up making the craft on my own while the kids did their best to dump all the tiny pieces–eyes, red poms, Popsicle sticks, red buttons, miniature jingle bells–across the living room. And let’s not forget the importance of squeezing Elmer’s glue in inconspicuous puddles in unassuming corners throughout our apartment. Next time, I’ll be a little more prepared.

But, we did at least come out of the day with a partially-finished ornament for the tree.


It still needs a ribbon with jingle bells fastened to it and some holly on its antler, but I’ll save that for a lazy night when the kids are in bed.

Luckily, I was reminded that my ornament needed finished when, the next day, as you read above, her poo came out peering at me. I hadn’t been quick enough to pick up the eyes she and Cam had dumped throughout the living room the day before. She had swallowed one!

I texted a photo to Mike while he was in class and it gave both of us a needed laugh for the day. Not thinking this specific incident is a Christmas tradition I hope to repeat! Ahhh, parenthood.


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