Momma’s favorite daddyism: a buzi hit

buzi hit
noun /boo‘zhee hit/
A dose of that warm, tingly, wonderfully intoxicating, melt-into-mush feeling obtained by simultaneously kissing Kate’s soft, chubby little cheek and smelling her sweet baby breath.

It’s a term my hubby coined.  He’s an addict. And he would kill me if he knew I was telling the world about it. Buzi is the Polish word for kiss (it’s the word his grandma used when he was little).  He wants to find a way to bottle these buzi hits.  That might be one of the main reasons he’s going to business school.  He’ll learn a plan to market and sell them.

Daddyisms. Aren’t they such an added bonus of motherhood?  I hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating the daddies in your life.  What are the daddyisms that warm your heart?

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