Well, hello!

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by my new blog about mommyhood and such. You’re probably wondering about the title I chose.  Let me explain.

I’ll begin with the fact that my family and I are moving to New York City!  I know what you’re thinking (I’ve thought it, too).  NYC with two babies?  Good luck with that!  Mike, my husband, is finishing his Army career and will be a full-time student at Columbia Business School starting in August.  Although a couple of other schools were in the running, we decided that NYC would be best for us for a few reasons.  All three of his brothers live there, and as busy as he’ll be in these next two years, family support will be essential for the babies and me.  It’s been so amazing to be near my family in Kansas City this past year and to see their relationship with Cam and Kate.  Now, my babies will get to bond with their Canty side of the fam, too, which is super important to us. We also thought, when will we ever have the opportunity to live in NYC again?  It’s something both Mike and I would like to experience, and I think that after doing it with two babies in tow, I’ll feel like I can accomplish anything.   Besides, as a military spouse, I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone many times and it’s always presented the best opportunities for growth, learning, and friend-making.

Understandably,  it’s been hard to find a library of helpful advice on making the move.  Two very intense years of hubby being immersed in studies and networking, without an income, in the most expensive and cramped city in the US is a challenge not very many people try to tackle with two babies in tow.  So, I’m hoping to come out of the experience with tips for future adventurous NYC/CBS-bound families. I’ll be writing about the transition process, our breakthroughs, our bumps in the road, and our evolution as a family. This blog will act as my ruby slippers,  giving me perspective and reminding me that “there’s no place like home” (and by home, I mean my hubby and babies) amidst the tornado of changes coming our way.

Life with two under two can seem like a whirlwind in and of itself, and it’s often hard to make time to sort out my thoughts.  Writing has always been empowering for me;  it’s my meditation, my outlet, and a process that, like Dorothy’s slippers, keeps me grounded when the journey seems overwhelming.  And it’s something I don’t do enough.  So, with that in mind, I hope you’ll enjoy reading my thoughts and experiences as much as I’ll enjoy writing about them.

Thanks again for stopping by. Cheers to lots of learning!


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8 thoughts on “Well, hello!

  1. Love it, Kendra! And congratulations on the many exciting changes that lie ahead. I can’t wait to keep up with you as it all unfolds!

  2. Kendra…very good read! I look forward to seeing you all in the city soon. I would love to help you out whenever you need it (seriously). We need all the connections we can get during this crazy hectic transition. I like your outlook…I need that attitude in my life. 🙂

  3. Kendra…so excited to read more from you. I really enjoyed reading your previous blog. I am looking forward to keeping up with your adventures in NYC!! I admire your attitude and spirit!

  4. Yay, I’m so happy you’ve returned to blogging, Kendra! I love reading your stories, which are always so insightful and sincere. I can’t wait for you all to move to NYC! It will be a challenge, but we’re here to support you and help you in any way we can. XO

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